Vidal Chriqui

Chief Innovation Officer & CEO
808 Labs

Recommended By:

Leonard Lys + 51

Recommended By:

Leonard Lys + 51
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- Has lauched the fist free french speaking MOOC on bitcoin : - Senior Advisor to many successfull token sales - Currently CEO of 808 Labs, the first decentralized booking protocol, standardized in Ethereum as ERC-808 Check my slideshare :


   We shared the same office and he offered me cat-unicorn in a snowbowl. Still on my desk !     From Natacha Zeh
   Huge knowledge and skills, one of the best I know in his field.     From Michael Bensimon
   Great knowledge, founder of BTU, good communication skills, nice guy     From Arthur Micoulet
   Btu protocol     From Hauor Leahpar
   Stop searching the best speaker on blockchain, he's just there, behind your screen!     From Gad Azeraf
   Clearly a thought leader on blockchain !     From Stéphane Piot
   Simply the best. Vidal takes complex topics and made it simple, like (almost) anybody can. Good overview of the subject, spanning beyond technical aspects.     From David Teruzzi
   On le recommande depuis la Réunion car son projet nous donne des échanges décentralisés et nous avons un département total digital . Merci de nous l'avoir présenté.     From Token Asset
   Deep knowledge of the subject. Vidal has the ability to talk beyond technical aspects, giving life to the block chain world!     From Gaï Marom
   Great !     From joelle toledano
   To me he is the best to talk about blockchain not only to people with a high level knowledge but also to people who do not know a lot about blockchain. With his « webserie », he has been able to let a wide range of people know about blockchain. I believe the next challenge of blockchain is to reach many people and he really has the required skills.     From Julie Bigorgne
   Great speaker. Complex concepts are explained clearly, his talks/interventions are both highly instructive and entertaining.     From Justine Destobbeleire
   Parce que son discours est très pédagogique.     From Muriel Abitbol Chriqui
   Vidal is top speaker bringing clear use cases about blockchain, going deeply into the subject for any kind of level and not a formatted speaker. A charismatic speaker!     From Thibault Montoya
   Very clear, proved his capabilities, great speaker, entrepreneur, and inspirational     From Raphael Suissa
   Deep technical knowledge in the field of blockchain, token economics and other related tech, built a solid experience since 2012, able to bridge business and tech to articulate his own disruptive vision, advising many successful blockchain projects, created his own protocol ERC-808, based on Ethereum ERC-20, and launched BTU to disrupt booking process in many industre. Made a successful ICO at a very tough period of time. Able to adapt to his audience to capture attention and create inspiration.     From Sebastien Treguer
   He s the best     From Jerome Leger
   Ability to articulate a vision and set the link between business and technology. Disrupt the disrupters idea     From Mehdi Benabdallah
   The best to me in France to speak about Blockchain !     From Didier Poupry
   Because BTU will totally disrupt the online reservation thanks to the blockchain Technology     From Maxime LOGEART
   Vidal is the best Expert I have ever met! I learned a lot thank to his excellent knowledge of the blockchain process. I am really grateful to him !     From Jonathan Abitbol
   Vidal maitrise parfaitement son sujet. Il connaît les forces de son marché et sait répondre aux craintes de n'importe quel public de manière pragmatique. Je suis Fan.     From Charlotte RICHOMME
   He is a true expert and make complexe system so simple in front of any audience. Best in town by far     From Paul Amsellem
   VIDAL is for me one of the best speaker of the subject. I have seen him more then 10 times in the last 12 months and all the time the public was amazed. He is also one of the leader blockchain leader in France.     From David Marciano
   He's the most renown and deep technical block chain expert in Paris. Doesn't hurt that he's building a project on the block chain with real implications on everyday life.     From Sam Bessalah
   Fun, clever, take time to explain, always good examples and huge background     From Dan Abitbol
   Best BC speaker in France, fun, humble.     From Rémy Granville
    Great Speaker About Blockchain, Based In Paris (France); Recently Listened To Him At An Insead Alumni Club Business Breakfast     From Johan ROIRAND
   In the industry since 2012, First french speaking web series about bitcoin ....     From Vidal Chriqui