Laurent Féral-Pierssens

Inception Block Ventures

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Laurent Féral-Pierssens is co-founder and partner of Inception Block Ventures, a Montreal-based venture capital firm dedicated to supporting the blockchain industry and Executive Director, Blockchain Advisory at KPMG in Canada. Laurent has a unique combination of business, scientific and technical skills, and 15 years leading tech companies in Canada, the United States and Europe as a founder and CEO. Laurent has also led the study “Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the financial services sector” (Finance Montreal / KPMG, nov. 2017) and was blockchain subject matter expert to the study “Economic Development Impact of Mining Cryptoassets” (Hydro Québec / KPMG, feb. 2018). He is a regular public speaker on emerging technologies subjects, including artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptoassets. Laurent holds a joint major in Computer Sciences and Mathematics from McGill University. He is an advisor to the board of the Blockchain Association of Canada, member of the Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board of Finance Montreal and a member of the Information Technology Program Committee of McGill University’s School of Continuing Education. Laurent can be best reached at


   I have heard Laurent speak and he brings a practical perspective and simplied message on the topic of Blockchain     From Sunil Sharma, MBA
   Laurent’s blend of experience makes him an appropriate sensemaker to tease out the various threads of conversations around blockchain and its real-life applications     From Ralph Talmont
   Laurent’s conference speaks to everyone. He is very accessible.     From Marie-Eve Lévesque, CPA, CA
   I've attended multiple of Laurent's conferences and consistently find him a well-spoken and knowledgeable speaker. He does a great job simplifying the technology for newcomers, but has the deep technical knowledge to be able to answer any and all questions from the pros as well.     From Josh Faier
   the best one!     From Laurent Guez
   Passionate, knowledgeable,accessible, Laurent has it all     From Philippe Yong
   Knowledgeable and passionate.     From Marie David
   His experience as an entrepreneur, consultant for a leading advisory firm and fund manager in the blockchain space gives him a unique perspective on the industry.     From Frédéric Dionne
   Because it is a crucial development and we need to be prepared. The explanations were extremely clear and convincing.     From Josette Féral
   He is very knowledgeable but also very personable.     From Remi Turcotte , Advanced SEO and PPC Strategies
   Intéressant pertinent créatif     From Corinne Gendron
   Very knowledgeable in the space. No BS guaranteed.     From Thibauld Favre
   Laurent is a well seasoned entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the space. He would make for a great speaker.     From George Bordianu
   His speachs are structured and he knows how to convey clear informations about complex concepts. He's dynamic and professional and he understands all the difficulties and the challenges on this specific issue. His speachs are visionary and inspiring.     From Alf Pirsouz
   Well spoken. Informative. Challenges the status quo. Understands the blockchain ecosystem from an enterprise perspective. Has futuristic ideals, yet manages the conversation through practical solutions.     From Derek Manuge
   outstanding speaker, always deep.     From Tariq Krim
   A passionnate and fascinating speaker, able to communicate and transfer knowledge of complex concepts to its audience     From François Senécal